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Bakery Products

Fruit Fillings and Nappage

H&F Classic and Amid pectins prove their indispensable characteristics especially in bakery products!

Baking Stable Fruit Preparations

H&F Classic Apple Pectins show their true worth most of all in baking stable fruit preparations and guarantee a high melting temperature and good stability of shape during baking to prevent deformation or leakage of the fruit filling.

Fruit Centre Fillings for Bakery Products

must show a smooth pumpable, pasty consistency and problem-free metering.

H&F Classic Apple Pectins make sure that mechanical stressing, as e.g. is sometimes generated during filling, does not have a negative effect on the gel structure.


or cake glazes prevent fruit from oxidation and dehydration and provides cakes and biscuits with a glossy surface. The textural requirements for these products are extremely demanding and may be specifically designed for this application by using standardized H&F Amid Pectins.

The choice of the correct pectin allows the manufacturing of Nappage products with reproductable properties. 

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