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Milk and Soy Products

and Fruit Preparations for Dairy Products

The application of pectins in milk and soy products is remarkably varied and uses the different technological properties of the different H&F Pectins.

Fruit Preparations for Dairy Products

Especially standardized low ester H&F Classic or Amid Pectins for the application in fruit preparations provide the required rheological properties, thus reaching:

– good dosing
– regular fruit distribution in the container
– homogenous mixing with the fermented milk product
– good shelf life of the finished product.

In layered products they have a stabilizing effect and keep the fruit preparation separated from the yoghurt.

Acidified Milk Products

High ester H&F Classic Citrus and Apple Pectins in yoghurt drinks protect the protein
at a low pH range against heat denaturation during pasteurization and thus prevent sedimentation and flocculation. This guarantees a stable product with optimal sensoric properties and without loss of quality even over longer storage times.

Yoghurts, Milk Desserts

Special H&F Classic Pectins or Amid Pectins improve the texture of yoghurt, reduce whey syneresis and provide acidified milk products and milk desserts with the desired texture.

Our extensive product variety requires a careful selection of the correct pectin, adjusted to recipe and processing technique. 

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