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agro Food Solution

of the H&F Corporate Group

agro Food Solution GmbH, Werder/Havel

The sector of animal nutrition is covered by the H&F subsidiary agro Food Solution GmbH. The company processes the nutitionally valuable by-products from pectin production into the depectinised Herbavital apple pomaces and apple molasses known on the market.

For further information please visit the Website of agro Food Solution GmbH.

Gerhard F. Fox
Sven Fox


agro Food Solution GmbH
Phöbener Chaussee 12
14542 Werder/Havel






Product range:

Phone: +49 3327 785-902

Feed Products

Fax: +49 3327 785-901

E-Mail: info@don't want spam!agro-food-solution.de



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