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The company group Herbstreith & Fox as a producer of high quality pectin for the food and non food industry has today a worldwide name. The sophisticated and high-quality product range of H&F with pectin for the most diversified applications is supplemented by sweetening agents and fibres from fruit.

Pectin is a natural product which can be found in the cell wall of all higher plants. The universally used jellifying, thickening and stabilizing agent pectin which nowadays is an indispensable component of a great variety of products in either the food industry, where it is used in the production of jams, confectionery articles, baked and dairy products or
in the nonfood industry, such as in cosmetics and pharmaceutics, where pectin has in recent years gained increasingly in importance. The benefits of the natural ingredient pectin are also more and more appreciated by the consumer, in fact, the trend towards natural products and natural components continues unhindered.

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Press release: Stefan Schliesser – The new member of management at Herbstreith & Fox Corporate Group

Herbstreith & Fox, a German family-owned food industry enterprise operating on...


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