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Techniques used for adding pectin to the product batch – Application Video

Pectin is required in a dissolved state in order for it to be functionally effective. There are various techniques to add it for dissolving. Learn more about it!

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Pectin Pearls – Liquid Surprise Inside

In recent months, soft drinks with liquid-filled pearls are literally on everyone’s lips. Pectin pearls offer that certain something for the creative development of different food. The make-up of the pearls is remarkable: they are particularly light and full of taste. A stable but delicate shell made of gel encapsulates the liquid core. The shell does not rupture until pressure is created during consumption, when the taste of the enclosed liquid unfolds.

Pectin pearls with pectins from Herbstreith & Fox offer lots of creative potential. They can be produced in most different colours, shapes and taste.

Play Application Video (duration approx. 5 min.)
Technical Application Information (Adobe PDF approx. 0,1 MB)


Determining the gelling strength according to the USA-SAG method – Application Video

The USA-SAG method has a long tradition and is recognised by all pectin manufacturers.
It expresses gelling strength in USA-SAG degrees. Herbstreith & Fox uses this method to measure the gelling strength of high-methoxyl pectins.

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Determining the breaking strength of gels with the Herbstreith Pectinometer Mark IV

The Pectinometer is used to measure the breaking strength of gels. The breaking strength is an important parameter for gel evaluation.

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Baking Test for Fruit Preparations and other Bakery Fillings

This film shows how the baking stability of fruit preparations can be evaluated.
The baking test is essential for the standardisation of Herbstreith & Fox pectins for baking-stable fruit preparations and for the development of formulations.

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