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Wednesday 29. of August 2018
H&F Pektine für Bio-Konfitüren und Bio-Fruchtaufstriche

Sie wollen mehr Flexibilität bei der Herstellung von Bio-Konfitüren und -Fruchtaufstrichen? Herbstreith & Fox macht es möglich. Niederveresterte Pektine mit besonderer Eignung für Bio-Anwendungen wurden von H&F entwickelt und...

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Friday 09. of February 2018
H&F – special pectins for innovative confectionery

H&F special pectins make it possible to produce confectionery with innovative textures like vegan marshmallows and as well firm-elastic fruit gummies and enable the use of flavours such as vanilla, chocolate or caramel. The...

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Wednesday 02. of August 2017
H&F pectins for yoghurt fruit preparations with low sugar content

To enable the fruit preparations to be used in mass production, the product is stabilised to achieve specific rheological properties. Pectin is primarily used to ensure that fruit pieces are distributed evenly throughout the...

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Thursday 09. of February 2017
Rheologische Eigenschaften von Pektinen in Lösungen, Fruchtzubereitungen und Gelen: Praxisrelevante rheologische Messmethoden – Teil 2: Fließgrenze

im zweiten Teil unserer Reihe „Rheologische Eigenschaften von Pektinen in Lösungen, Fruchtzubereitungen und Gelen“ wird beschrieben, wie die Textur und die sensorischen Eigenschaften von viskosen, streichfähigen Produkten, wie...

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Thursday 19. of January 2017
„Additive-free“ gelation? Liquid pectin (dried)

The „clean label“ trend has led to an increased use of pectin – including as an additive – in the development of new products. If, on top of that, a food manufacturer wants to develop a product that is to be marketed on the merit...

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Tuesday 10. of May 2016
Pectin in milk-based desserts: Gelation and increased creaminess

Based on our Pectin Amid CF 005, full-bodied gelled or creamy milk-based desserts can be produced.

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Monday 08. of February 2016
The right pectin for optimum lingonberry preserves

The special properties of lingonberries, i.e. their anatomy and the substances they contain, make the industrial preparation of high-quality lingon­berry preserves a special challenge. If the right pectins from Herbstreith &...

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Monday 18. of January 2016
Herbstreith & Fox Corporate Group

Figures - Facts - Insights

Together with its subsidiaries, the Corporate Group Herbstreith & Fox offers a highly customized product range in the fields of pectins, dietary fibres, sweeteners from fruits and animal nutrition. ...

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Thursday 17. of December 2015
H&F-Pektine für eine optimale Fruchtverteilung

Bei der industriellen Herstellung von Konfitüren und anderen Fruchtaufstrichen mit ganzer oder stückiger Frucht spielt die Fruchterhaltung eine wesentliche Rolle, aber auch die gleichmäßige Verteilung der Fruchtstücke....

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Thursday 17. of December 2015
25 Years Herbstreith & Fox GmbH, Werder/Havel (Brandenburg)

The H&F subsidiary located in Brandenburg could look back on its 25 years existence on 1 July 2015. Taking over the pectin factory in Werder/Havel in 1990, the year of the German reunification, Herbstreith & Fox took an...

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