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Monday 08. of February 2016
The right pectin for optimum lingonberry preserves

The special properties of lingonberries, i.e. their anatomy and the substances they contain, make the industrial preparation of high-quality lingon­berry preserves a special challenge. If the right pectins from Herbstreith &...

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Wednesday 01. of April 2015
Baking Test for Fruit Preparations and other Bakery Fillings

This film shows how the baking stability of fruit preparations can be evaluated. The baking test is essential for the standardisation of Herbstreith & Fox pectins for baking-stable fruit preparations and for the development...

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Monday 02. of March 2015
Rheological Properties of Pectins in Solutions, Fruit Preparations and Gels: Practice-Oriented Rheological Measuring Methods – Part 1: Viscosity

The knowledge, application and interpretation of suitable practice-oriented rheological measu­ring methods for the characterisation of pectins in different application areas complement the sensory assessment and texture...

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Friday 30. of May 2014
H&F Pectins for Bread Improvement

Pectins are well-known especially as gelling agent in jams or confectionery. However, it is possible to use them by far more versatile. High ester pectins such as Pectin Classic CB 202 which is developed for this application,...

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Tuesday 25. of March 2014
H&F Pectins improve the rheological properties of fruit preparations for yoghurt

The main function of a stabilising system is to increase the viscosity of the fruit preparations to the point that floating of the fruits during processing is minimised and an even fruit distribution in the container is...

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Pektin in Kombination mit Stärke in Gummisüßwaren − Ein flexibles System für individuelle Texturen

Bei der Herstellung vegetarischer und veganer Gummisüßwaren ermöglicht die Kombination...


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