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Friday 07. of February 2014
Vegetarian – a Trend in Confectionery, too

The leading newspaper of the German food retail market, „Lebensmittelzeitung“ , refers to the trend of making sweets without ingredients of animal origin, in its issue of January 24th, 2014. Headed “Sweets for Vegetarians”, it...

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Friday 31. of January 2014
Fruit Concentrate Pieces from 100 % Fruit with Pectin Classic CS 538

At present, naturalness is very popular. The interest in products manufactured with natural ingredients and preferably without “chemistry” keeps on growing. The ingredients list is expected to be clear, short and comprehensible....

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The fruit texture principle – full enjoyment for beverages with no added sugar

The sugar content of juice based beverages provides not only sweetness but also...


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