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Additional Applications

for Food and Non-Food-Products

Dietary, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Products

Due to the exploration and the utilization of the natural properties of pectins, their applications tend to become more and more varied and sophisticated. This is convincingly demonstrated in the field of nutraceuticals, dietary products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Furthermore, especially apple pectins are used as soluble dietary fibres due to their nutrition physiological properties because they help to delay a rise in the glucose blood level and bring down serum cholesterol. Drugs are encapsulated with a pectin film to protect the gastric mucosa and to allow sustained release of the active substance into the blood circulation.

The styptic and curing effects of classic pectins are exploited in healing ointments.

In the cosmetics industry, pectin is used as a natural texture provider on plant basis for pastes, ointments, oils and creams. In deodorants and tooth pastes, pectin coats special flavour substances, but it is also used as a thickener and stabilizer in hair tonics, body lotions and shampoos.


Among other things the H&F Classic Beet Pectins are also used in the tobacco industry as a natural adhesive for the wrappers of cigars and cigarillos.

For this application H&F offers various pectins. Please read the article "Nonfood Uses of Pectin".

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