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Gum and Jelly Products

Producers and consumers of confectionery have a very clear idea as to what fruit jellies and jelly fillings should taste like. H&F Classic Pectins provide the appealing, elastic texture, enhance naturally the fruit inherent flavour and allow a smooth, brilliant cut.

The confectionery industry, moreover, greatly appreciates the good solubility and the accurate setting temperature as well as setting time of pectins. H&F Classic Pectins as well as H&F Amid and Instant Pectins are standardized to a constant gelling behaviour, dissolve rapidly, are heat stable and thus promote uninterrupted processing.

Pectins have great application potential in the confectionery field: delicate fruit rolls, tasty dessert toppings, tender fillings for chocolates and caramel candies, jellies in domino ginger bread, delicious coatings, foamed confectionery products, etc.

Sensoric properties of the products and the processing technique determine predominantly the choice of the optimal pectin.

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