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Jams and Fruit Spreads with optimum Fruit Distribution

In addition to a pleasant texture and a naturally fruit typical flavour, the preservation of fruits as well as an optimum fruit distribution in both glassware and containers are decisive quality criteria in the industrial production of fruit preparations containing whole fruits or fruit pieces. In this connection texture and gelling properties of the fruit preparations essentially depend on recipe parameters such as soluble solids content, type of sugar, addition of buffer salts, pH-value of the product as well as the used pectin type and filling temperature.

H&F have developed pectins which, due to their rheological properties, prevent rising of the fruits and fruit pieces in the container already at high filling temperatures resulting in products with a pleasant texture and low tendency to syneresis.

The application of these H&F pectins guarantees an assured production process to the producers of fruit preparations and products with optimum and constant quality are obtained.

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