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H&F – The Pectin Specialists

We are the pectin specialists – this is why at Herbstreith & Fox research and development have top priority. Both basic and application-oriented research form the basis of our comprehensive know-how, guaranteeing customized products and applications for our customers.

Almost 10% of our employees work in R+D, supporting our sales network and our customers with up-to-the-minute information on pectins, fibres, fruit sweeteners and secondary plant materials mainly derived from apples and citrus fruit.

R+D is continuously investigating optimized pectins for new products and new applications, new raw materials with special features and improved and cost-saving production techniques.

H&F has a world-wide research network which supports research groups with expert know-how, tailor-made and scientifically characterized pectins and fruit fibres and application technologies, based on a long history of experience.

This network guarantees that H&F is always at the forefront when it comes to new findings and technical know-how.

But R+D’s first priority in its daily routine is to support our customers with sophisticated information on the production of good, safe and healthy food with perfect texture."

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