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The Specialists for Pectin

The brochure offers an overall view of all important facts around pectin. Thus the topics range from – among other things – raw material for the pectin production, gelling mechanisms, proper- ties of pectins, methods of standardization, product variety to different application areas.

Consists of 34 pages. Available in German, English and Russian as print versions.

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Jams, Jellies and Marmalades

Brochure dedicated to applications in the field of jams, jellies and marmalades with regulatory specifications, production processes, general calculations and recipes.

Consists of 68 pages. Available in German and English as print versions.

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25 Years Herbstreith & Fox GmbH, Werder/Havel (Brandenburg)

Herbstreith & Fox GmbH was founded in Werder/Havel 1 July 1990 – the year of the German reunification.

25 years later, the H&F subsidiary presents itself as a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturer that contributes to the H&F Corporate Group’s worldwide success using state-of-the-art production engineering. 

The 25th company history has been summarised in a short and concise way in our anniversary broschuere (Adobe Acrobat PDF 7.0 MB).

Herbstreith & Fox – 75 Successful Years 

On 27 November 1934, the Pektin-Fabrik GmbH was founded in Wolfzennen/Eriskirch (Lake Constance) and developed to the today's H&F. 75 years have passed since then.

The history of Herbstreith & Fox tells a story of a traditional family-owned business which is well prepared for the 4th generation. Being one of the most innovative pectin producers in the world, H&F presents itself today with tailor-made products, excellent quality connected with application technological service, reliability and consistency.

Read more about 75 years H&F in our anniversary publication (Adobe Acrobat PDF 5.0 MB).

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Herbstreith & Fox Corporate Group 
Facts and Figures

Together with its subsidiaries, the Corporate Group Herbstreith & Fox offers a highly customized product range in the fields of pectins, dietary fibres, sweeteners from fruits and animal nutrition.

The small brochure offers you an overall view about the companies of H&F and their products.

Volume: 12 pages, special size. Available in German and English as print versions.

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From Fruits to Pectin

The leaflet offers an overview on the very complex and technologically demanding production process and on the fields of application of pectin. It shows the way from harvesting the fruit, processing to the pectin raw material (pomace, dried citrus peels) and the production of the different pectins and further to the many fields of application.

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Confectionery, Gum and Jelly Products

The brochure gives an all-embracing survey of the optimal use of high methylester Classic Apple Pectins and Classic Citrus Pectins in the production of gum and jelly products.

Besides selected recipes for specific products the brochure furthermore contains also many useful information on the influencing parameters of the recipe components (pectin, sugar types, buffer salts, edible acids), on the production of gum and jelly products, and on the specific influencing of texture, setting time and setting temperature.

Consists of 30 pages. Available in German, English and Russian as print versions.

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Fruit Preparations for Baked Products

Brochure especially for applications in baking stable fruit preparations and fruit fillings for baked products. With chemical composition and gelling behaviour of pectins. With information on firmness, texture, baking stability and surface gloss. Production technology and schematic charts on the impact of major parameters.

Consists of 40 pages. Available in German and English as print versions.

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Nappage, Cake Glaze

The new issue of the brochure Glazes and Spray Glazes shows their different application areas. Whether used as spray glaze or simply applied by a brush – the demands made on this product are very high as nappage and also spray glaze are supposed to protect the pastries (with fruit layer) against drying up and discolouring as well as to achieve the desired surface gloss.
Furthermore different kinds of nappage and their manufacturing process are listed.

Consists of 9 pages. Available in German and English as print versions.

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Acidified Milk Products and Protein Stabilization

To meet different demands on acidified milk products H&F offers a complete range of pectins for stabilizing acidified milk drinks. The brochure gives a survey on basic informa- tion and facts of the application of pectin in acidified, protein based beverages from yoghurt, sour milk, whey, and soy, and in plain and stirred yoghurt. Information on stabilization mechanisms, product examples and recipes round off this brochure.

Consists of 27 pages. Available in German and English as print versions.

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Yoghurt Fruit Preparations

In the continuously and strongly growing market for fruit preparations for yoghurts pectins play a central role. With pectins the texture and stability of the fruit preparations and also of the fruit yoghurt are decisively influenced.
The brochure describes in detail the pectins, the texture influencing factors as well as their application by means of various recipe examples.

Consists of 48 pages. Available in German and English als print versions.

Download (Adobe Acrobat PDF 2,0 MB)

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