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Gelling Sugar

Gelling Agents for Household Application

For the production of fruit spreads, jams, jellies and marmalades in households very flexible and universally usable gelling agents are called for. 

The recipes are only fixed regarding to cooking time and the proportion of fruit quantity and sugar addition. Depending on the gelling system this will mostly be between 1:1 and 4:1. The types of fruit and numerous ingredients depending on taste and season, like flower petals, spices, essences, alcoholic beverages, etc. are freely eligible.

During the application of gelling powder or liquid gelling agents sugar or sugar substitute, e.g. sweeteners, should be added separately whereas gelling sugar already contains the necessary quantity of sugar.

High ester H&F Apple Pectins are used in gelling agents for recipes 1:1. By choosing the correct type of classic apple pectin the texture can be varied between strongly jellified and easily spreadable. The gelling systems with reduced sugar content contain H&F Amid Pectin which distinguish themselves by a very tolerant gelling behaviour and which show little syneresis.

All gelling systems for households are ideally suited for processing fresh fruit of the season and for the production of creative self-made fruit spreads. 

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