Cream cheese preparations with maximum creamy texture – also with reduced fat content

Cream cheese preparations with a particularly creamy, smooth and full-bodied texture are very popular with consumers. The challenge here is to maintain the desired taste and texture, especially if fat is reduced and more water is used in the product. Hydrocolloids such as locust bean gum, starches and also gelatine are used for this and increase the water binding, creaminess and generate […]


Improvement of starch-stabilised bakeable fruit preparations – by combining starch with pectin

In many bakery fillings and creams, native and modified starches are used for stabilisation. The disadvantages are masked fruit flavour, low gloss and sticky texture. But a combination of the starch with pectin can effectively combine the technological advantages of both stabilisers and generate additional benefit. Further information can be found in the current brochure.


Vegan gum confectionery with pectin & starch

In the production of vegetarian and vegan gum confectionery, the combination of starch with pectin offers you an interesting alternative with many advantages over purely starch-based gum confectionery. Further information can be found in the current brochure.


H&F Pectin for optimal storage stability in ice cream sauces

Whether they are fruit-based, chocolate or caramel, rippled or attractively drizzled, in an ice pops or a pint, – ice cream sauces are an integral part of ice cream products. The requirements are complex. Our newly developed Pectin Classic CY 702 has special properties enabling it to meet the functional and sensory requirements and improve […]


Full mouthfeel and low syneresis in low sugar fruit spreads

Herbstreith & Fox presents a innovative Pectin which set with no added calcium – perfect for modern fruit spreads with as little sugar as possible, short ingredients lists, lots of mouthfeel, full flavour and low syneresis. Further information can be found after login-in in our service area.


Optimized texture solutions for fruit gummies with less gelatin

The pectin specialists from Herbstreith & Fox offer more flexibility in the production of fruit gummies. Part of the gelatin can be replaced by high quality Pectin. The optimized combination of pectin and gelatine impresses with numerous sensory and technical advantages, while maintaining almost the same typical gelatine texture. Further information can be found in […]


Yoghurt fruit preparations: Texture only from the fruit for clean and simple declaration

As a centre of excellence for fruit preparations, Herbstreith & Fox presents two solutions for yoghurt fruit preparations. Further information can be found in the current brochure and after login-in in our service area.


Specialist for a Wide Range of High Quality Pectins

Herbstreith & Fox is a major manufacturer of pectin. In our factories in Europe we produce an extensive line of citrus and apple pectin for various application areas. Pectin is an indispensable ingredient for confectionery products. Use pectin as gelling agent for vegan confectionery products for OTC-Gummies for plant extract enriched gummies sugar reduced and […]


Pectin meets protein – a natural symbiosis for food applications

By combining pectins and proteins of animal or, more recently, plant origin, additional fields of application can be made possible in the areas of emulsification, texturisation, enrichment of bioactive substances or masking undesirable aroma components. A current example is the use of fat substitutes in meat products, especially in spreadable products or in scalded or […]


Trendy confectionary: Vegan, sugar free or vitamin gummies with specialized H&F Pectin

The brochure gives an all-embracing survey of the optimal use of high methylester Classic Apple Pectins and Classic Citrus Pectins in the production of gum and jelly products. Besides selected recipes for specific products the brochure furthermore contains also many useful information on the influencing parameters of the recipe components (pectin, sugar types, buffer salts, […]