Revolution on the confectionery shelf

As part of a joint project, nine renowned companies in the confectionery industry have joined forces under the name CONNECT to develop an industrial process to produce true 3D jellies. There are countless different types of fruit gums and jellies, but they all have at least one flat side or an unattractive depositing hole. With […]


Pectin-fiber blend for texturising of fruity fillings for pastries

Herbstreith & Fox presents a functional combination of pectin and citrus fibre for the range of low sugar fruit fillings for pastry products: Herba ComBind BF 402. The use of Herba ComBind BF 402 creates a fine, creamy texture with a high degree of baking stability and good pumpability. Further information can be found after login-in […]


Herbstreith & Fox acquired pectin business from Givaudan

Herbstreith & Fox (H&F Group), a leading family-owned producer of pectin based in Neuenbürg, Germany, today announced that it has acquired from Givaudan SA (Vernier, Switzerland) its pectin business, part of the Naturex portfolio. Sven Fox, Executive Director of H&F Group, said: “Acquiring Givaudan’s pectin business will enable us to further expand in our core […]


Organic trend: Pectins for organic jams and organic fruit spreads

Organic fruit spreads – whether it’s jams, marmalades or low sugar, Herbstreith & Fox gives you pectins from 30 ° to 70 °Brix – individually adapted to suit your vision, requirements and desires. With our pectins, you can even make low sugar organic jams without adding any calcium.