Additional applications

Dietary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products:
By researching and exploiting the natural properties of pectins, increasingly sophisticated applications are being made possible. Nutritional supplements, dietary products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are compelling examples of this.

Special apple pectins are used for nutritional purposes. As soluble fibres, they are able to slow down the rise in blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol.
Drugs are encapsulated in a film of pectin to help protect the stomach lining and to ensure a slow and even release of the active ingredients into the bloodstream. Classic pectins demonstrate their haemostatic and healing properties when used in ointments.
In the cosmetics industry, pectin is also used as a natural, plant-based agent for adding structure to pastes, ointments, oils and creams. In deodorants and toothpastes, pectin coats special flavourings and it is also used to stabilise and thicken hair tonics, body lotions and shampoos.