Magnesium enriched fruit gummies

FDA: “Magnesium supplements may reduce the risk of high blood pressure”

According to the FDA’s announcement from January 10th 2022 the consumption of magnesium may be connected to a reduced risk of high blood pressure. It is said that “some scientific evidence suggests that diets with adequate magnesium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension), a condition associated with many factors. […]“ The FDA recommends a daily intake for magnesium of 420 mg for adults. By using supplements, you make sure to ingest enough magnesium to achieve a positive effect.

So, why not put some magnesium into a delicious fruit gummy made with high quality H&F Pectin? With our highly flexible, tolerant and well buffered apple pectins and our expertise for fortified gummies, we would like to help and support you in making perfect magnesium rich gummies.

Our recommendation for magnesium rich gummies:

Pectin Classic AS 506​

With the help of Pectin Classic AS 506 we developed a fruit gummy recipe that contains about 8% tri-Magnesium citrate. That means you can have about 128 mg (= 30% of daily value) elemental magnesium in just 10 g of fruit gummy. On top it‘s vegan and super yummy!