Yoghurt fruit preparations

H&F Pectin for yoghurt fruit preparations

Fruit yoghurts have always been very popular among milk products. Today, as a consequence of the consumer’s desire for a healthy and fresh diet that is also low in calories, a wide range of fruit yoghurts can be found in food stores. In the manufacturing of fruit yoghurts, the fruit is usually added to the milk product in the form of fruit preparations. Here the addition of pectin as a thickening agent results in high-quality fruit preparations with exceedingly positive technological and sensory properties.

For use in yoghurt fruit preparations, H&F offers Classic Apple Pectins and Low Methylester Amidated (”Amid”) Pectins, standardised specially for these applications. This way, optimum sensory and technological properties can be achieved in each product.

Yoghurt fruit preparations made with H&F Classic und H&F Amid Pectins distinguish themselves by:

  • Excellent flow behaviour
  • High resistance towards mechanical stress
  • Excellent regenerative capacity also after mechanical stress
  • Smooth textures with high yield points
  • Can be stirred very well into the white mass
  • Extremely low tendency to syneresis
  • Sufficient viscosity in layered products
  • High tolerance towards pH-value and calcium fluctuations in the final product