Confectionery manufacturers and consumers have very specific expectations for the flavour, consistency and appearance of jelly fruits and jelly fillings. H&F Classic pectins ensure an appealing elastic texture, naturally enhance the fruit’s inherent flavour and allow a smooth, shiny cut.

Good solubility is also important for the confectionery industry, as well as the precise gelling temperature and gelling time of the pectins. Our H&F Classic pectins, as well as H&F Amid pectins and Instant pectins, have standardised gelling properties, dissolve quickly, are stable when heated and therefore facilitate a quick and efficient workflow.

There are a range of options for using pectins in other areas of confectionery: exquisite fruit rolls, delicious dessert sauces, soft fillings for chocolates and hard caramels, jelly in ‘domino cakes’, tasty coatings, chocolate teacakes, etc. The choice of pectin is mainly determined by the sensory characteristics of the products and the processing techniques involved. The H&F experts have years of experience in these product areas and will be happy to advise you.