H&F Instant Pectin

Technologically optimised pectins

H&F Instant pectins are pectins that have been optimised in terms of dispersibility, which can make it easier to add them to the product batch.

H&F pectins are produced via an agglomeration process, in which small particles of the powdered, standardised products are joined to form larger particles. This causes the individual pectin particles to have a porous structure. The space created within the pectin granules allows liquids to permeate them quickly and to moisten a much larger surface compared to traditional pectins. This enables them to disperse lump-free in a cold product batch and achieve reliable solubility.


  • Good dispersibility
  • Lump-free stirring in
  • No dissolving mechanism necessary
  • No prior mixing with drying agents necessary


  • Beverages without drying agents
  • Pineapple and passion fruit juice

Advice on pectins and their applications

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