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Full mouthfeel and low syneresis in low sugar fruit spreads

People’s awareness of the importance of eating a healthy diet has been increasing for years. This is why product developers have been working on developing variants of existing products with reduced sugar and new recipes that contain little sugar.

Yoghurt fruit preparations: Texture only from the fruit für clean and simple declaration

As a centre of excellence for fruit preparations, Herbstreith & Fox presents two solutions for yoghurt fruit preparations.

Pectin-fiber blend for texturising of fruity fillings for pastries

Herbstreith & Fox presents a functional combination of pectin and citrus fibre for the range of low sugar fruit fillings for pastry products: Herba ComBind BF 402. The use of Herba ComBind BF 402 creates a fine, creamy texture with a high degree of baking stability and good pumpability.

Less sugar, fuller fruity flavour

For fruit spreads, the trend is heading increasingly towards low sugar, a short ingredients list, and organic certification. Full-bodied mouthfeel, full flavour and spreadable gelation with low syneresis are important criteria. Herbstreith & Fox has responded to these demands. Based on citrus fruits, we now present our new Classic pectins which set with no added calcium – perfect for innovative fruit spreads.

Pectin combined with starch in gummy confectionery − A flexible system for individual textures

Using a combination of H&F pectin and starch in the production of vegetarian and vegan gum sweets provides a method for creating different textures with optimised properties: reduced stickiness, good release of flavour as well as a chewy texture. Added to this are technological or process-related benefits compared to the use of starch on its own.

H&F pectins for organic jams and organic fruit spreads

You want to have more flexibility for manufacturing organic jams and fruit spreads?
Herbstreith & Fox make it possible. Low methylester pectins with special suitability for bio-applications were developed and optimized by H&F.
You will find a wide variety of pectins for the complete range from 30 ° to 70 °Brix. Therefore it is even possible to manufacture products with a high fruit content and reduced sugar content.
Discover our tailor-made pectins for organic jams and fruit spreads. Don't hesitate to contact us. We’ve got the right solution for your every need.

H&F – special pectins for innovative confectionery

H&F special pectins make it possible to produce confectionery with innovative textures like vegan marshmallows and as well firm-elastic fruit gummies and enable the use of flavours such as vanilla, chocolate or caramel. The possibilities extend far beyond classic jelly fruits!

The fruit texture principle – full enjoyment for beverages with no added sugar

The sugar content of juice based beverages provides not only sweetness but also influences the multi-sensory experience of the beverages. Reducing or removing added sugar results in a change of the overall perception. With a combination of a specifically designed Pectin and a multi-functional citrus fibre fromthe Herbstreith & Fox Group, the multi-sensory profile of a low sugar beverage can be optimised to match the consumers’ expectations.

H&F pectins for yoghurt fruit preparations with low sugar content

To enable the fruit preparations to be used in mass production, the product is stabilised to achieve specific rheological properties. Pectin is primarily used to ensure that fruit pieces are distributed evenly throughout the preparation. As a fruit-derived hydrocolloid, pectin creates a texture with optimum sensory properties and a low boiling viscosity, which ensures that the fruit pieces keep their shape as much as possible. H&F offers two pectins for low sugar yoghurt fruit products.

Rheological Properties of Pectins in Solutions, Fruit Preparations and Gels: Practice-Oriented Rheological Measuring Methods – Part 2: Yield Stress

The second part of our series “Rheological Properties of Pectins in Solutions, Fruit Preparations and Gels” provides a description of how the texture and sensory properties of viscous, spreadable products, such as fruit spreads, fruit preparations for yoghurt and also fruit fillings can be determined and how the floating behaviour and pumpability of fruit preparations can be predicted using rheological measurements.

"Additive-free" gelation? Liquid pectin (dried)

The „clean label“ trend has led to an increased use of pectin – including as an additive – in the development of new products.
If, on top of that, a food manufacturer wants to develop a product that is to be marketed on the merit of being free from additives, H&F offers a solution.

Pectin in milk-based desserts: Gelation and increased creaminess

Based on our Pectin Amid CF 005, full-bodied gelled or creamy milk-based desserts can be produced.

The right pectin for optimum lingonberry preserves

The special properties of lingonberries, i.e. their anatomy and the substances they contain, make the industrial preparation of high-quality lingon­berry preserves a special challenge. If the right pectins from Herbstreith & Fox are selected, they support even fruit distribution as a result of their functionality.

H&F Pectins for Optimum Fruit Distribution

In the industrial production of jams and other fruit spreads containing whole fruits or fruit pieces it is essential to ensure that not only are the fruits preserved but also that the fruit pieces are evenly distributed. Herbstreith & Fox offers customised Classic and Amid pectins for a variety of applications: these have been specially developed to achieve an optimum fruit distribution in jams and fruit spreads.

Brilliance for Desserts: H&F Pectins in Cold Glazes

A cold glaze or cold-application glaze is a ready-to-use gel preparation that is typically used for mirror glazes on cakes. It is used primarily in circumstances where the utilisation of hot glazes is not appropriate, i. e. particularly with heat-sensitive products such as cream, curd and ice-cream preparations.

Rheological Properties of Pectins in Solutions, Fruit Preparations and Gels: Practice-Oriented Rheological Measuring Methods - Part 1: Viscosity

The knowledge, application and interpretation of suitable practice-oriented rheological measuring methods for the characterisation of pectins in such different application areas complement the sensory assessment and texture evaluation. Whether liquid, semi-solid or gelled, very different measuring methods for the characterisation of the products are used.

Pectin in firm set and stirred yoghurt products – an alternative to milk dry solids

Firm set and stirred yoghurt products – natural or with fruits – are a large product group extremely popular with consumers in which very high quality demands are placed.
Due to increased nutrition awareness the trend is moving towards fat-reduced products with high demands regarding the taste, appearance and consistency.

Pectin Classic AB 914: A new Pectin for Baking Stable Fruit Preparations – even more tolerant and flexible

For each product developer, the recipe development of a baking stable fruit preparation is a challenging task. The recipe is required to reliably fulfill the demands on baking stability and texture of the fruit preparation.
With the development of Pectin Classic AB 914 Herbstreith & Fox succeeded to extend the range of well-established apple pectins for baking stable fruit preparations already setting standards in the market, by an exceedingly flexible pectin. Careful selection of raw material and precise standardisation guarantee that baking stability and texture as its central functionalities remain constant while covering a wide pH-range.

H&F Pectins for Bread Improvement

Pectins are well-known especially as gelling agent in jams or confectionery. However, it is possible to use them by far more versatile. High ester pectins such as Pectin Classic CB 202 which is developed for this application, are very well suited as an alternative to common bread improvers. With the addition of these pectins the doughs become softer and smoother. As a consequence of the improved tolerance of the dough it is possible to manufacture breads with higher volume. This effect also supports improving the freeze-thaw stability of dough pieces.

H&F Pectins improve the rheological properties of fruit preparations for yoghurt

The main function of a stabilising system is to increase the viscosity of the fruit preparations to the point that floating of the fruits during processing is minimised and an even fruit distribution in the container is guaranteed.
Yoghurt fruit preparations are often stabilised with starch, e.g. modified starch E 1422, in the fruit processing industry.

Fruit Concentrate Pieces with 100 % Fruit with Pectin Classic CS 538

At present, naturalness is very popular. The interest in products manufactured with natural ingredients and preferably without “chemistry” keeps on growing. The ingredients list is expected to be clear, short and comprehensible. Fruit concentrate pieces are concentrates made from fruit juices and purées which obtain their gelled form by means of pectin. In doing so, nature supplies the raw material for this product: fruit – nothing else. Sweetness and acidic taste are solely obtained from the fruits used; just as the pectin.

Stabilization of yoghurt fruit drinks by means of fruit preparations

Since many years yoghurt fruit drinks are a permanent feature of a health-conscious diet and are further in fashion are refreshing thirst quencher. Are large product variety of beverages with most different composition and consistency - from fluid up to full-bodied - meets all consumers` requirements.

Pectin Amid AF 005-N for Calorie-Reduced Preserves and Fruit Spreads

Preserves and fruit spreads declared as „calorie-reduced“ have at least 30 % less calories than traditional products of the same kind. This reduction in calorific value is usually reached by reducing the sugar content in the recipe. This means, for example, for a traditional preserve “extra” with a total sugar content of 60 % the calorie-reduced alternative would have a total sugar content of not more than 42 %.

Pectin Pearls - Liquid Surprise Inside

Pectin pearls with pectins from Herbstreith & Fox offer lots of creative potential. They can be produced in most different colours, shapes and taste.
Pectin pearls with pectins from Herbstreith & Fox offer lots of creative potential. They can be produced in most different colours, shapes and taste.

Pectin Classic CY 301 for Yoghurt Fruit Preparations with Thickening Effect

Within the ongoing strongly growing market of yoghurt fruit preparations pectins play an important role. With pectins both texture and stability of the fruit preparations as well as of the fruit yoghurts are decisively influenced. Additionally, pectins are not only a favoured thickening agent due to their texturizing properties, also their natural character and the consumer-friendly labeling are specially appreciated.

Pectin Amid AB 005 - a New Pectin for Baking Stable Preparations

Classic Apple Pectins have been used successfully for the production of fruit preparations for bakery products for a long time. Not only the excellent baking stability, the optimal handling of these pectins and the fine texture of the final products, but also the particularly excellent release of the products’ typical fruity sour flavour is appreciated. Complementing these approved Classic Pectins H&F has developed a new pectin which enlarges the product range of pectins for bakery products: Pectin Amid AB 005 is a low methylester, amidated apple pectin which has been developed for both baking stable preparations and thermoreversible fruit fillings.

H&F Pectins for Confectionery with few Acid or high Product-pH-Values

Acidic jelly and gum confectionery mainly contain sugar, glucose syrup, water, buffer salts and pectin. With adding flavors and citric acid these products obtain their typical flavor. Citric acid is added for reasons of obtaining a fruity-acidic flavor and to initiate the so called sugar-acid-gelation leading to gel formation and the desired texture when high methylester pectins are used.

Jams and Fruit Spreads with optimum Fruit Distribution

The use of pectin as gelling and thickening agent has a long tradition in the production of fruit spreads and fruit preparations for industrial processing. Besides the traditional jams also fruit spreads with high fruit content and reduced sugar input find more and more the consumers’ interest due to their naturally fruity flavour.

Use of H&F-Pectins to increase Temperature Stability in Gum Sweets

Gum sweets with long, chewy texture are very popular especially in Europe and Northern America, but they also find a growing market in Asia, Southern America and the Middle East.

Floating - Scourge of Fruit Processors?

The use of pectin as gelling and thickening agent in the production of fruit spreads and fruit preparations for industrial processing (e.g. yoghurt fruit preparations) has a long tradition.

Techniques for the Addition of Pectin into the Product

One of the most important steps of the industrial processing of pectin is its addition into the respective product batch. As pectin is normally added in small doses an optimal solution process is essential. The most common and best method for ...

Gelling Properties of High Methylester H&F Classic Apple Pectins and Classic Citrus Pectins

In the production of jams, jellies, fruit spreads and confectio- nery, both high methylester Classic Apple Pectins and high methylester Classic Citrus Pectins are used successfully for a long time. ...

Herbstreith-Pektinometer Mark IV

The Herbstreith Pektinometer Mark IV is a further development of the Herbstreith Pektinometer Mark III which has already been established since more than fifteen years. It is used for the determination of breaking strength ...

Stabilisation of Whey and Whey Mix Products with Pectin

The use of whey as remedy – whey cures for purification and weight reduction – has been described for generations. With its nutritionally-physiologically seen especially valuable contents whey was ...

Continuous Production of Pectin Based Foamed Candy Products – Using the Pressure Foaming Process

Actually, foamed candy products are setting a new trend. Just their airy, soft and tender texture makes this special type of confectionery, which is also known as aerated ...

Fruit Preparation for the Production of Whipped Fruit Cream

Delicacies which are filled with whipped cream are well suited for all occasions and opportunities: If festive coffee table, just meeting with friends or dainty in between. Cream gateaus, ...

Nonfood Uses of Pectin

The numerous properties of pectin make it virtually universal in its applicability. Established uses in humans have been, for example, in blood plasma substitution, detoxication, ...

Cholesterol and the Power of Pectin

Studies have shown that pectin can substantially reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Here Frank Mattes, food technologist and president of Herbstreith & Fox Inc., Elmsford / NY, USA, explains....

Pectins in Preventive Nutrition and Therapy

Pectins are natural structural elements of the primary cell wall and the middle lamella of all higher land plants. Its physiological functionalities in plants are connecting and armouring cell structures and influencing ...

Cloud Stabilization of Pineapple Juice produced from Concentrate - Short Version -

... The cloud stabilization as on of the quality criteria for the consumer is afterwards very difficult or hardly to influence depending on the type of fruit. This is especially clear in juices produced from exotic fruits. As ever the label says ...

Cloud Stabilization of Pineapple and Passion Fruit Juice and Nectars produced from Concentrate

Fruit juices are very popular with the consumer. Juices from apples as well as citrus fruits are possibility to concentrate fruit juices large traditional products in Europe. With the progress has been made technologically; fruit juice concentrate is ...

Pectin Classic AS 511 – a newly developed Apple Pectin for the Confectionery Production

In the production of gum and jelly articles the Cassic Pectins by Herbstreith & Fox are being successfully applied for a long time in a close co-ordination with the production process and the recipesm. Selecting the appropriate pectin then ...

Chances and Limits for the Use of Pectins as Emulsifier

Pectins are mainly used as gelling or thickening agents in the food industry but also in the non-food industry. The application of pectins as emulsifier and emulsion stabilizer is yet not known in much extend. ...

A New Process for the Combined Recovery of Pectin and Phenolic Compounds from Apple Pomace

A process for the combined recovery of pectin and phenolic compounds from apple pomace, the primary by-product of apple juice production, was developed. The process includes extraction of dried apple pomace ...

Functional Food from Natural Raw Materials (only in German language)

Trester aus der Apfel- und Karottensaftherstellung enthalten Wertstoffe, die mit Ausnahme von Pektin bisher unzureichend genutzt werden. Im vorliegenden Forschungsvorhaben...

Pectinic Acid, a Novel Excipient for Production of Pellets

Due to the unique pelletisation properties of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), this has been the number one excipient for production of pellets with the extrusion/spheronisation technique. A disadvantage of MCC is ...

The Specialists for Pectin

The brochure offers an overall view of all important facts around pectin.

Thus the topics range from – among other things – raw material for the pectin production, gelling mechanisms, proper- ties of pectins, methods of standardization, product variety to different application areas.

Consists of 34 pages. Available in German, English and Russian as print versions.

Jams, Jellies and Marmalades

Brochure dedicated to applications in the field of jams, jellies and marmalades with regulatory specifications, production processes, general calculations and recipes.

Consists of 68 pages. Available in German and English as print versions.

25 Years Herbstreith & Fox GmbH, Werder/Havel (Brandenburg)

Herbstreith & Fox GmbH was founded in Werder/Havel 1 July 1990 – the year of the German reunification.
25 years later, the H&F subsidiary presents itself as a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturer that contributes to the H&F Corporate Group’s worldwide success using state-of-the-art production engineering.
The 25th company history has been summarised in a short and concise way in our anniversary broschuere.

Herbstreith & Fox – 75 Successful Years

On 27 November 1934, the Pektin-Fabrik GmbH was founded in Wolfzennen/Eriskirch (Lake Constance) and developed to the today's H&F. 75 years have passed since then.

The history of Herbstreith & Fox tells a story of a traditional family-owned business which is well prepared for the 4th generation. Being one of the most innovative pectin producers in the world, H&F presents itself today with tailor-made products, excellent quality connected with application technological service, reliability and consistency.

Read more about 75 years H&F in our anniversary publication.

Herbstreith & Fox Corporate Group Facts and Figures

Together with its subsidiaries, the Corporate Group Herbstreith & Fox offers a highly customized product range in the fields of pectins, dietary fibres, sweeteners from fruits and animal nutrition.

The small brochure offers you an overall view about the companies of H&F and their products.

Volume: 12 pages, special size. Available in German and English as print versions.

From Fruits to Pectin

The leaflet offers an overview on the very complex and technologically demanding production process and on the fields of application of pectin. It shows the way from harvesting the fruit, processing to the pectin raw material (pomace, dried citrus peels) and the production of the different pectins and further to the many fields of application.

Confectionery, Gum and Jelly Products

The brochure gives an all-embracing survey of the optimal use of high methylester Classic Apple Pectins and Classic Citrus Pectins in the production of gum and jelly products. Besides selected recipes for specific products the brochure furthermore contains also many useful information on the influencing parameters of the recipe components (pectin, sugar types, buffer salts, edible acids), on the production of gum and jelly products, and on the specific influencing of texture, setting time and setting temperature.

Consists of 30 pages. Available in German, English and Russian as print versions.

Fruit preparations for bakery products

Brochure especially for applications in baking stable fruit preparations and fruit fillings for baked products.
With chemical composition and gelling behaviour of pectins. With information on firmness, texture, baking stability and surface gloss. Production technology and schematic charts on the impact of major parameters.

Consists of 40 pages. Available in German and English as print versions.

Nappage, Cake Glaze

The new issue of the brochure Glazes and Spray Glazes shows their different application areas. Whether used as spray glaze or simply applied by a brush – the demands made on this product are very high as nappage and also spray glaze are supposed to protect the pastries (with fruit layer) against drying up and discolouring as well as to achieve the desired surface gloss. Furthermore different kinds of nappage and their manufacturing process are listed.

Consists of 9 pages. Available in German and English as print versions.

Acidified Milk Products and Protein Stabilization

To meet different demands on acidified milk products H&F offers a complete range of pectins for stabilizing acidified milk drinks.
The brochure gives a survey on basic informa- tion and facts of the application of pectin in acidified, protein based beverages from yoghurt, sour milk, whey, and soy, and in plain and stirred yoghurt. Information on stabilization mechanisms, product examples and recipes round off this brochure.

Consists of 27 pages. Available in German and English as print versions.

Pectin Pearls – Liquid Surprise Inside

In recent months, soft drinks with liquid-filled pearls are literally on everyone’s lips. Pectin pearls offer that certain something for the creative development of different food. The make-up of the pearls is remarkable: they are particularly light and full of taste. A stable but delicate shell made of gel encapsulates the liquid core. The shell does not rupture until pressure is created during consumption, when the taste of the enclosed liquid unfolds.
Pectin pearls with pectins from Herbstreith & Fox offer lots of creative potential. They can be produced in most different colours, shapes and taste.

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Techniques used for adding pectin to the product batch – Application Video
Pectin is required in a dissolved state in order for it to be functionally effective. There are various techniques to add it for dissolving. Learn more about it!

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Determining the gelling strength according to the USA-SAG method – Application Video
The USA-SAG method has a long tradition and is recognised by all pectin manufacturers.
It expresses gelling strength in USA-SAG degrees. Herbstreith & Fox uses this method to measure the gelling strength of high-methoxyl pectins.

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Determining the breaking strength of gels with the Herbstreith Pectinometer Mark IV
The Pectinometer is used to measure the breaking strength of gels. The breaking strength is an important parameter for gel evaluation.

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Baking Test for Fruit Preparations and other Bakery Fillings
This film shows how the baking stability of fruit preparations can be evaluated.
The baking test is essential for the standardisation of Herbstreith & Fox pectins for baking-stable fruit preparations and for the development of formulations.

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