Fruit preparations

Fruit applications
Fruit is considered healthy and is a popular ingredient in our food. The fresh and fruity flavour fits in many product areas. As a natural product, different types of fruit each have their own special properties, which is why there are special requirements for processing them.

H&F pectin is the perfect plant-based ingredient for texturisation and stabilisation for any type of fruit application. To ensure the optimum texture is achieved, an individual recipe is developed depending on the fruit application and the production process is carefully coordinated.

There is a right H&F pectin for any fruit application – ranging from bake stable fruit fillings, yoghurt fruit preparations and creamy fruit spreads to aromatic fruit sauces. As a plant-based product, pectin is a trendy, declaration-friendly ingredient and is also suitable for low sugar applications.

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Fruit preparations for dairy products and alternative non-diary products
Herbstreith & Fox sells standardised low ester H&F Classic pectins or Amid pectins especially for this application area; they give the fruit preparations the necessary rheological properties, which primarily ensure the fruit is distributed evenly and the fruit preparation can be reproduced reliably.

You can also find more information in our flyer “Yoghurt fruit preparations: Texture only from the fruit for clean and simple declaration”.

Bake stable fruit preparations
H&F Classic apple pectins really demonstrate their strength in this application and guarantee a smooth texture with low synaeresis. They create a high melting temperature and ensure good form stability during the baking process. This prevents the fruit preparation from melting and boiling away.

Improvement of starch-stabilised bakeable fruit preparations – by combining starch with pectin
In many bakery fillings and creams, native and modified starches are used for stabilisation. The disadvantages are masked fruit flavour, low gloss and sticky texture. But a combination of the starch with pectin can effectively combine the technological advantages of both stabilisers and generate additional benefit.

Further information can be found in the current brochure “Improvement of starch-stabilised bakeable fruit preparations – by combining starch with pectin”.

Fruit fillings for baked goods
It is essential to achieve a smooth, pumpable and paste-like consistency for industrial processing of fruit fillings. H&F Classic apple pectins ensure that there are no unwanted changes in the gel structure when it is subjected to mechanical stress, e.g. during filling.

Fruit sauces and toppings
Fruit sauces are an integral part of e.g. ice cream products. The requirements are complex. Our H&F Classic Pectins have special properties enabling it to meet the functional and sensory requirements and improve the quality of the product.

Further information can be found in the current brochure “Optimal storage stability in ice cream sauces”.

Fruit spreads, jams and marmalades
Fruity spreads come in countless flavours and qualities. The selection of the suitable H&F pectin depends on the recipe and production parameters and on the desired properties of the product. More information about jams and fruit spreads can be found here.

Advice on pectins and their applications

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