H&F Amid Pectin

Technological supplement and alternative

The group of H&F Amid pectins complement the range of Classic pectins technologically and expand the application area of pectins.

H&F Amid pectins are produced by suspending the dried pectin in alcohol and treating it with ammonia. This process modifies a defined number of methyl ester groups into amide groups (amidation).

The special properties of the H&F Amid pectins result in different gel textures, offer technological benefits in certain areas and make additional functionalities utilisable.


  • Continuous gels
  • Pseudoplastic textures with yield point
  • Thermoreversible gels
  • Industrial fruit preparations (e.g. for dairy products and bakery products)
  • Texture and syneresis reduction in dairy products


Advice on pectins and their applications

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