For baked goods: Fruit fillings, bake stable fruit preparations and nappage (apricot glaze)

Technically complex: Preparations for industrial use
Baked goods are enjoyed more by ingredients that determine flavouring and quality, such as fillings and toppings. This is the reason why optics and the taste sensation of these ingredients win consumers over so that customers turn into real fans. H&F pectins assure success with recipes for fruit fillings, bake stable fruit preparations or shiny gelatine glaze. H&F Classic pectins and H&F Amid pectins demonstrate their unique properties when used in baked goods.

Fruit fillings for baked goods
It is essential to achieve a smooth, pumpable and paste-like consistency for industrial processing of fruit fillings. H&F Classic apple pectins ensure that there are no unwanted changes in the gel structure when it is subjected to mechanical stress, e.g. during filling.

Bake stable fruit preparations
H&F Classic apple pectins really demonstrate their strength in this application and guarantee a smooth texture with low synaeresis. They create a high melting temperature and ensure good form stability during the baking process. This prevents the fruit preparation from melting and boiling away.

Improvement of starch-stabilised bakeable fruit preparations – by combining starch with pectin
In many bakery fillings and creams, native and modified starches are used for stabilisation. The disadvantages are masked fruit flavour, low gloss and sticky texture. But a combination of the starch with pectin can effectively combine the technological advantages of both stabilisers and generate additional benefit.

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Nappage, otherwise known as apricot glaze, protects the fruit on a cake from drying out, it gives a cake or baked good an attractive surface sheen as well as a fresh flavour through its slight acidity. The textural requirements as well as the melting and gelling behaviour of these products are extremely demanding and can be achieved precisely by using H&F Amid pectins, which have been standardised specifically for these applications.

Advice on pectins and their applications

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