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We are continuing to develop ourselves further with modern and process-oriented product concepts. We remain curious and innovative and our goal is to offer our customers a one-of-a-kind benefit. We share information on improvement processes on a regular basis in publications on focused functionalities and modern applications.

The challenge of sugar reduction in product development

Herbstreith & Fox presents customised solutions for the development of […]


Foundation of Herbstreith & Fox Italy S.r.l. in Milan

H&F Italy S.r.l. was founded in Milan at the end […]


FI Europe 2023: Herbstreith & Fox was there!

The leading suppliers of food and beverages, research and development, […]


Sugar-reduced fruit applications with H&F Pectin

Global trends, consumer awareness and rising sugar prices are increasing […]


H&F apple and citrus pectin – Plant-based alternative to gelatine

H&F Pectins are excellent as a plant-based alternative to gelatine […]


Pectin completes and optimizes your starch based stabilization and texture

Make the starch based stabilization and texture of your products […]


Improved fruit spreads without added sugar by using H&F Pectin

The market for calorie-reduced products is growing continuously. Many consumers […]


Improving starch-based bake stable fruit fillings with low sugar using H&F Pectin

Bake stable fruit preparations with low sugar are often stabilized […]


Sugar-reduced confectionery – gels reliably with sugar substitutes

The demand for sugar-reduced or sugar-free confectionery is increasing along […]


Gummy confectionery enriched with functional ingredients

Confectionery pectins from Herbstreith & Fox are famous for their […]


Cream cheese preparations with maximum creamy texture – also with reduced fat content

Cream cheese preparations with a particularly creamy, smooth and full-bodied texture […]


Advice on pectins and their applications

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