All about gelling agents for household use

Gelling sugar, gelling powder and liquid gelling agents
Pectin is traditionally used in households in the production of fruit spreads, jams, marmalades and jellies. Very flexible pectins that can be used universally are required for non-industrial use. Recipes are only fixed in terms of cooking time and the proportion of fruit to added sugar. Depending on the gelling system, this ranges mainly between 1:1 and 4:1. The type of fruit and other added ingredients, such as flower petals, spices, essences, alcoholic drinks, etc., can be chosen freely, according to taste and seasonality.

Gelling agent as a powder or liquid version
Gelling agents in the form of gelling powder and historically also in liquid form are available, which when used, the sugar or sugar substitute is added separately. A key area of application for pectins is the gelling sugar variants, which already contain the required quantity of sugar.

For gelling agents using a formula of 1:1, high ester H&F Classic apple pectins are used. By choosing the correct Classic apple pectin, the texture can vary between having a firm gel consistency and being easily spreadable.

Consumers are increasingly choosing products that contain less sugar
For gelling systems with less sugar, we recommend H&F Amid apple pectins, which are characterised by a very tolerant gelatinising behaviour and low synaeresis.

Advice on pectins and their applications

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