Herbstreith & Fox - Die Pektin Spezialisten

The Specialists for Pectin.

Gelling, thickening, stabilization

As highly qualified pectin specialists, we offer our customers outstanding functionalities and excellent quality.

Pectin expertise

In our innovative family-run business, we achieve improvements and progress together. We are flexible, curious and future-oriented.

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Personal consulting is our strength. We think in terms of processes and develop individual solutions together with our customers.


Focused, efficient and value conscious. We take our corporate responsibility very seriously and use resources carefully.

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Sugar-reduced confectionery

Pectin Classic AS 519 gels reliably with sugar substitutes

Optimal texture

Sugar-reduced fruit spreads

Pectin is a natural dietary fibre, which is found in apples and citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes. As a universally applicable gelling agent, thickener and stabiliser, pectin is an indispensable component of many different products. In the food industry, pectin is used in the production of jams, sweets, baked goods and dairy products. In the non-food segment, pectin has become noticeably more important in recent years, for example in cosmetics and medical products. Herbstreith & Fox has specialised in functional pectins that are oriented towards specific applications.

Advice on pectins and their applications