Sugar reduced fruit spreads

Full mouthfeel and low syneresis

The new guidelines in EU legislation for jams and marmalades as well as the trend of using less sugar in food have changed the market for fruit spreads.  Now both jams and marmalades tend to have less than 60 % sugar just like low calorie fruit spreads did in the past.

The low calorie fruit spread segment is becoming more and more important. This is why product developers have been working on developing variants of existing products with reduced sugar and new recipes that contain little sugar. Nutritional labelling and simple visualizations of nutritional information such as Nutri-Score are increasingly serving as a means of orientation for developers and consumers alike.

The success of a new development depends on whether it is purchased again after a consumer tries it. And yet this is decided less on a rational level or with the aid of nutritional values and the Nutri-Score than emotionally and through the sensory characteristics of the product. Having a full-bodied, long-lasting fruit flavour and an appealing appearance are important for the positive sensory characteristics of fruit spreads.

For this reason, Herbstreith & Fox has made it their job to offer solutions for products that not only address technological requirements but also help generate pleasant sensory characteristics.

For a full mouthfeel and low syneresis in sugar-reduced fruit spreads H&F recommends: Pectin Amid CF 005-AC.


✔ Operating range: approx. 10 – 35 % dry substance
✔ No addition of calcium necessary
✔ Very pronounced, full mouthfeel
✔ Minimises syneresis
✔ A lot of surface sheen
✔ Perfect spreadability
✔ Fruit spread with Nutri-Score A possible

Further technical application information and formulations can be found here.

Advice on pectins and their applications

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