Additional applications for food and non-food

Dietary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
The positive image of pectin is also shaped by its properties that are beneficial to health. The areas of nutritional supplements, dietary products, medical products and cosmetics are compelling examples of this.

Food supplements
Not only apple pectins are used for nutritional purposes, because as soluble fibres, they are able to slow down the rise in blood sugar levels and stabilise cholesterol levels. Dietary fibre has a general regulating influence on digestion, which is why consumers are increasingly demanding appropriate product variants.

The experts at Herbstreith & Fox would be happy to give you advice on how apple pectin or apple pectin flakes can be integrated into individual product concepts.

Pectin in pharmaceutical and medical products
Drugs are encapsulated in a film of pectin to help protect the stomach lining and to ensure the active ingredients is released slowly and evenly into the bloodstream.

H&F Classic pectins unfold their healing effects in antiseptic ointments and medical products. Pectin is used in skincare and wound care because it keeps the sensitive area of the skin dry and low in germs due to its low pH value and its water-binding properties. For this reason, we recommend H&F pectins, which also have the quality grade according to the USP monograph for adhesive plasters and colostomy seals.

For patients with difficulty swallowing or gastrointestinal irritations, there are drugs that contain pectin, which are based on pectin’s geletinising properties. Pectin’s film formation is also used in cough drops.

Pectin in cosmetic products
In the cosmetics industry, pectin is also used as a natural, plant-based agent for adding structure to pastes, ointments, oils and creams. In deodorants and toothpastes, pectin coats special natural fragrances, and it is also used to stabilise and thicken hair tonics, body lotions and shampoos. Various pectins are available at Herbstreith & Fox for this application.

Advice on pectins and their applications

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