H&F Combi Pectin

Pectins for very specific applications

By mixing plant-based raw materials and using special extraction conditions, H&F Combi pectins have very unique and beneficial properties for very specific applications.

The functionalities of these pectins combine the benefits of H&F Classic apple and citrus pectins: The distinctive viscous properties of the apple pectins are supplemented with the higher elasticity of the citrus pectins. The benefits of citrus pectins, like their high level of gel strength, are merged with the benefits of apple pectins, such as spreadability and the lack of synaeresis.


  • Combination of benefits from apple and citrus pectins
  • Gel strength of citrus pectin
  • Lack of synaeresis and spreadability of apple pectin


Advice on pectins and their applications

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