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Pektin für Konfitüren

Jams, fruit spreads, marmalades and jellies
Fresh, fruity spreads are not only popular with consumers at breakfast time, and they come in countless flavours and qualities. The optimum processing of fruits to turn them into delicious jams or fruit spreads, is challenging in part because the natural properties of the vary depending on the type of fruit and degree of ripeness. Fine-tuning the recipe and production process is necessary to achieve consistently high qualities. This includes carefully selecting ingredients and using the optimum pectin in particular so that the final product reliably satisfies all of the requirements.

Processing with H&F quality pectins assures success – from classic jams to low sugar fruit spread.

  • Smooth gel
  • Low synaeresis
  • Shiny surfaces
  • Good spreadability
  • Even distribution of fruit
  • Smooth texture
  • Intensive, fruity flavour

Consistently reproducible products
With the help of the specialists at Herbstreith & Fox, suitable pectins are selected depending on the recipe and production parameters, as well as the desired properties of a product. Individually choosing the right pectin makes it possible to reliably produce products with consistently reproducible results. H&F Classic pectins have been highly valued around the world for generations due to their outstanding functional properties. H&F Amid pectins are a beneficial addition to the product range as they can be used for many areas of application.

Excellence for classic jams
The high methylester H&F Classic pectins are suitable at a dose of around 0.2 to 0.4% for the sugar content typically found in traditional jams and marmalades, which tends to be higher than 60 % and have a pH value of approximately 3.0, because these ratios produce optimum gelling conditions.

Contemporary with less sugar content
The new guidelines in EU legislation for jams and marmalades as well as the trend of using less sugar in food have changed the market for fruit spreads.  Now both jams and marmalades tend to have less than 60% sugar just like low calorie fruit spreads did in the past. The low calorie fruit spread segment is becoming more and more important. The low methylester H&F Classic pectins or H&F Amid pectins are perfect for these types of products.

Fruit spreads without added sugar
Fruit spreads without any added sugar are becoming increasingly popular but are also a real challenge for manufacturers. The task is to bind the high amount of liquid while at the same time optimally managing firmness, texture, mouthfeel and flavour release.

Also organic fruit spreads – Texturing without adding calcium
For organic fruit spreads with less sugar we offer innovative H&F pectins which set without adding calcium.  Advantages: Full-bodied mouthfeel and low synaeresis, combined with a short list of ingredients.

Advice on pectins and their applications

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