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Confectionery gums and jelly products as well other sweet applications
The preference for sweet indulgence seems to be innate in us humans. The confectionery assortments are continuously developing on the basis of classic varieties and with new trend products. A dynamic industry needs reliable ingredients. Confectionery gums and jelly products are an important segment in the confectionery industry, and producers and consumers of sweets have high standards when it comes to flavour, consistency and optics. H&F Classic pectins ensure an appealing elastic texture, naturally enhance the fruit’s inherent flavour and make it possible to realise a smooth, shiny cut.

Good solubility is also technologically important for developers and producers, as well as the precise gelling temperature and gelling time of the pectins. Our versatile and tolerant H&F Classic and Amid pectins have standardised gelling properties, dissolve quickly, are stable when heated and therefore facilitate a quick and efficient workflow.

Sugar-reduced confectionery – Pectin gels reliably with sugar substitutes
The demand for sugar-reduced or sugar-free confectionery is increasing along with consumers’ awareness of nutrition. However, the production of such confectionery can be very challenging. With our versatile and flexible pectins, such as our readily buffered extra slow set apple pectins, we offer you solutions that are up to these challenges.

Optimised texture solutions for fruit gummies with less gelatin
The pectin specialists from Herbstreith & Fox offer more flexibility in the production of fruit gummies. Part of the gelatin can be replaced by high quality pectin. The optimised combination of pectin and gelatine impresses with numerous sensory and technical advantages, while maintaining almost the same typical gelatine texture.

Gummy confectionery enriched with functional ingredients
Confectionery pectins from Herbstreith & Fox are famous for their tolerance towards recipe parameters in gummy confectionery. Their functionality is flexible with difficult ingredients like acids or minerals.

Combination of H&F pectin and starch for vegan and vegetarian products
When producing vegetarian and vegan gum confectionery, combining starch with pectins offers you an interesting alternative with many advantages over purely starch-based gummies.

We have the right recipe for many types of confectionery
The application options available for pectins are very diverse, for example:

  • Jelly confectionery
  • Gum confectionery
    • Also enriched with food supplements / functional ingredients
    • Fruity or with milk-, chocolate-, caramel-based flavours
  • Fruit concentrate pieces
  • Pâtes de Fruits
  • Biscuit toppings
  • Domino jelly
  • Zefir
  • Turkish Delight
  • Roll up candy
  • Chocolate-covered marshmallow
  • Praline fillings (gelled / viscous)

The choice of pectin is mainly determined by the sensory characteristics of the products and the processing techniques involved. The Herbstreith & Fox application engineers have years of experience in these product areas and will be happy to give you advice.

Advice on pectins and their applications

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