Gummy confectionery enriched with functional ingredients

Highly flexible apple pectin for gummies

Confectionery pectins from Herbstreith & Fox are famous for their tolerance towards recipe parameters in gummy confectionery. Their functionality is flexible with difficult ingredients like acids or minerals.

With our latest development we exceed this benchmark yet again. By selecting special apple pectin, we have managed to significantly increase the tolerance towards cations. This and the multi-functional, strong buffer system make the new Pectin Classic AS 519 extremely tolerant towards minerals, acids, vitamins and plant extracts.

This has enabled us to considerably increase the quantity of active ingredients in our recipes, for example to:

• 15 % magnesium citrate
• 15 % calcium phosphate
• 30 % apple cider vinegar
• 6 % vitamin C
• 1 % zinc citrate

Pectin Classic AS 519 is a simple solution that is suitable for numerous functional ingredients. An additional buffer is not required. Only the pH value of the recipe concerned must be adjusted using the quantity of edible acid. It can even be used to make sugar-free gum confectionery, as the new H&F pectin does not contain sugar.

Advantages of Pectin Classic AS 519
✔ Flexible apple pectin
✔ Multifunctional buffer system
✔ Very tolerant towards functional ingredients
✔ No additional buffer necessary
✔ Versatile use
✔ Slow gelification
✔ Excellent castability
✔ Sugar-free

Advice on pectins and their applications

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