The Specialists for Pectin.

The German, family-owned business Herbstreith & Fox has been producing high-quality pectins for the food and non-food industries since 1934. The highly specialised pectins are primarily obtained from apples and citrus fruits.

Tradition and modern know-how
As a long-established company, we are well-known in the industry for the outstanding quality of our products not just in Germany, but globally as well. Behind our success is a creative, coordinated team with extensive know-how, a high level of commitment and many years of experience.

H&F Group
The continually growing company Herbstreith & Fox GmbH & Co. KG is headquartered in Neuenbürg located in the northern part of the Black Forest. The core expertise of the H&F Group is the production of high-quality pectin variants as well as an extensive range of multifunctional dietary fibres derived from fruits and vegetables for the food and non-food industries.

As a family-run German business, the H&F Group has a global reputation for having a sophisticated product range with numerous functionalities, excellent quality and innovative application concepts.

Corporate responsibility is much more than only a contemporary catchword in the H&F Group. At the family-owned business Herbstreith & Fox, social, ecological and economic responsibility has always been anchored in its corporate policies and has been an integral part of management’s philosophy for generations. We do not stand still. We meet challenges and realise future-oriented projects with the H&F team.

When we assure our customers quality and product safety, this also entails taking a responsible approach to the environment. We use our resources sparingly and are continually improving our added value in the interests of securing a viable future for generations to come.

Only a economically successful company can offer its employees job security in the future and fulfil its social responsibility. We work with our customers and suppliers in a fair and partnership-based manner. The quality of the products and processes is objectively ensured by having them undergo certifications and conducting client and supplier audits. The focus of our actions is always on our clients, which contributes significantly to the company’s long-term and sustainable positive development.

Our company has a long tradition of giving top priority to taking responsibility for people and society. We look after the people in our environment, support local development and we are involved in many social projects. We cooperate internally and externally with the aim of taking high social and moral responsibility based on respect, transparency, tolerance and mutual esteem.

Research and development are the main priority at Herbstreith & Fox and have resulted in the company firmly establishing itself as a recognised specialist for pectin. From basic research through to application-oriented research, all areas together form the basis of the extensive technical knowledge within the company. The expertise as well as the extensive experience of Herbstreith & Fox offer the perfect basis for the provision of customer-focused advice, individual product solutions and varied applications.

For the H&F experts, the customer is the focus. The creation and ongoing development of technically advanced information relating to the manufacture of palatable and contemporary foods with the perfect texture.

A large proportion of employees work in research and development. Up-to-date information relating to pectins, dietary fibres, fruit sweeteners and secondary plant substances is produced regularly. R&D is constantly searching for optimised pectins for new products and applications, for raw materials with particular properties and for improved more cost-effective production processes.

H&F maintains a global research network. Research groups with many years of experience and with highly developed technical knowledge of the characteristic properties of pectins are supported. This network ensures that H&F is able to use the latest findings at all times and to actively contribute to customer-oriented product solutions with broader specialist knowledge.

For us, the quality management of our products means fulfilling the expectations and requirements of our customers, our employees, our suppliers and society towards our company.

H&F stands for reliable good quality, legality and security of high-class pektines, which results in success of our company with long tradition on the global market.

The extensive system of testing within the entire manufacturing process guarantees a consistently high level of quality and food safety for H&F products. All process stages are carefully and systematically monitored from the raw materials, auxiliary materials and additives delivered to the intermediate and final products.

The externally certified and continuously developed FSSC 22000 certification implemented at our company stands for the quality and food safety.

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With our approach to energy management, we are continuously working on optimising the production processes in order to conserve resources. As an energy intensive company, we have been focused on the efficient use of energy for many years. In order to protect resources, we are working continually on optimising production processes. We review our processes from both an environmental and economic perspective on an ongoing basis. As part of this, our employees contribute significantly to the continued increases in our energy efficiency.

In our energy policy we are committed to compliance with all relevant requirements relating to energy legislation and also to ensuring, by means of continual improvement, energy provision and use which is reliable, resource-efficient and economically viable.

Economic efficiency and environmental protection are closely linked right from the development stage of products and processes and in the design of production facilities. As part of our feasibility studies we analyse the life-cycle costs of the facility. This takes into account both the long-term operating costs as well as the energy costs.

In our energy team we review the energy targets and energy-related performance at regular intervals. This also includes the assessment of measures implemented as well as our action plans.

Our energy management system complies with the international standard in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 and is certified. Many measures contribute to the constant increases in energy efficiency of production processes. Through the ongoing optimisation of energy use in our production, we are seeking to contribute to the increased sustainability of our products, to lower CO2 emissions and as a result to climate protection.

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We are a family-run business, which has been processing apples and citrus fruits in order to turn them into specialised pectins and associated product areas since 1934. The group has experienced a continuous upward trend since its founding.

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Culture and engagement is firmly embedded in our corporate culture. A high level of commitment to employees and social concerns is a basis for trust. Culture is also supported: Since 1982, the HF group has been providing artists with the opportunity to create a work around the theme of “Apple” using a wide variety of techniques and artistic styles. We continue to support this today. Over the years this has brought together a wide range of techniques and artistic styles. The number of prints is limited. Each apple design is included, for example, in the annual H&F wall calendar.

H&F Apple Editions

Associations and societies ensure their members can share experience with each other and secure their competitiveness. Herbstreith & Fox is involved in the following international and national associations and organisations.