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Pektin-Anwendungen - Milchprodukte und Alternativen

Acidified milk products, yoghurt and fruit preparations
The popularity of dairy products as a component of a balanced diet is continuing to become more important. The number of established and innovative dairy products for sale is continuing to increase around the world. From the texturisation of the fruit preparation to protein stabilisation: pectin is perceived in a positive light by consumers as a natural, plant-based ingredient.

The use of pectins in dairy products is extremely varied. The functional properties of H&F pectins provide the perfect starting points for achieving optimal results. The extensive H&F product range makes it possible to carefully select the correct pectin and tailor it to suit the recipe and processing method.

Yoghurt and dairy desserts
The importance of yoghurt as a healthy and tasty component of a healthy diet has considerably increased sales around the world in the dairy sector. 60% of consumers around the world regularly purchase yoghurt. Special H&F Classic pectins or Amid pectins improve the yoghurt’s texture, reduce whey synaeresis, and give acidified milk products and milk-based desserts the desired texture.

Fruit preparations for dairy products
Herbstreith & Fox sells standardised low ester H&F Classic pectins or Amid pectins especially for this application area; they give the fruit preparations the necessary rheological properties, which primarily ensure the fruit is distributed evenly and the fruit preparation can be reproduced reliably.

You can also find more information in our flyer “Yoghurt fruit preparations: Texture only from the fruit for clean and simple declaration”.

Acidified milk drinks
In yoghurt drinks, the high ester Herbstreith & Fox Classic citrus pectins with a low pH value protect the protein from heat denaturation during heat treatment. This prevents sedimentation and flocculation. A stable product with optimal sensory properties is guaranteed with no loss of quality, even when stored for an extended period of time.

Cream cheese preparations
H&F Classic Pectins are suitable for the production, stabilisation and texturisation of fat-reduced cream cheese preparations. They provide optimal spreadability, high creaminess and a smooth mouthfeel in the final product.

More information you can also find in our flyer “Cream cheese preparations with maximum creamy texture – also with reduced fat content”.

Advice on pectins and their applications

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