Improving starch-based bake stable fruit fillings

with low sugar using H&F Pectin

Bake stable fruit preparations with low sugar are often stabilized using native or modified starches. By replacing some of the starch with H&F Pectin, you can effectively combine the advantages of both stabilizers and generate additional benefits.

By replacing approx. 2.5 parts modified starch with 1 part Pectin Classic AB 902, we have not only achieved the required bake stability but also improved the surface sheen and flavour release. By combining pectin and starch in this way, we succeeded in reducing the starch content by up to 50%!

Pectin Classic AB 902 is a buffered pectin standardised with calcium salt. It covers a wide dry substance and pH range, making it ideal as a simple, quick alternative to purely starch-based fillings.

Our recommendation for starch-based bake stable fruit fillings with low sugar:

Pectin Classic AB 902

Advice on pectins and their applications

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