Pectin completes and optimizes your starch based stabilization and texture

Make the starch based stabilization and texture of your products more flexible and attractive. Replace or supplement starch with pectin from Herbstreith & Fox in applications such as gum confectionery, baking stable fruit fillings and fruit preparations for dairy products and create real synergies.

Starch is a ubiquitous ingredient in food stabilization and texturization. Native or modified starches add body, water binding and storage stability to many foods. It is already state of the art in many cases to supplement the functionality of starches with pectins. This involves using the texturizing and gelling properties of specific pectins, which the starches alone do not offer or offer only to a limited extent. In some applications, real synergies can be created.

Advantages of H&F pectin

  • Optimized stabilization
  • Technological benefits
  • Assured availability
  • Attractive product features

Synergies through pectin-starch combination

Gum confectionery

  • Lower stickiness
  • Shorter moulding time
  • Increased throughput
  • Better flavour release

Bake stable fruit fillings

  • Better shiny surface of the fruit filling
  • Better preservation of the fruit pieces during the production process
  • Improved flavour release
  • More appealing texture

Fruit preparations in dairy products

  • Uniform distribution of fruit pieces over the entire production batch during preparation
  • Maintaining chunkiness after cooking, filling and transporting (pumping) the preparation
  • Appealing appearance
  • Full-bodied mouthfeel

Advice on pectins and their applications

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