Pectin meets protein – a natural symbiosis for food applications

By combining pectins and proteins of animal or, more recently, plant origin, additional fields of application can be made possible in the areas of emulsification, texturisation, enrichment of bioactive substances or masking undesirable aroma components.

A current example is the use of fat substitutes in meat products, especially in spreadable products or in scalded or raw sausages (for example in Lyoner sausage,Teewurst sausage or meatloaf).

By selecting the manufacturing parameters in a targeted manner, the dimensions of the pectin-protein particles can be adjusted in such a way that they can be optimally incorporated into the meat protein matrix.

You can find out more in the publication by Dr. Benjamin Zeeb, who explains and demonstrates the fundamental concept of particle formation, the characterisation of hybrids and the first application examples. Dr. Zeeb is responsible for the Research & Development division at Herbstreith & Fox in Neuenbürg.

Further information can be found in the current flyer.