Plant-based alternative to gelatine

H&F apple and citrus pectin

H&F Pectins are excellent as a plant-based alternative to gelatine in many applications. This means that foods traditionally made with gelatine can be developed as vegetarian and/or vegan product variants. The demand for plant-based alternatives is becoming increasingly important, for example, in fruit gummies, aspic or dairy desserts.

Besides texturing at fruit-typical pH-values, special H&F Pectins can also be used very well for the stabilization and gelation of low-acid products like chocolate mousse or marshmallows. When tailored to the application, H&F Pectins can provide specific functionalities and textures.

Vegan products with H&F apple and citrus pectin


  • Smooth, brilliant cut
  • Transparent, shelf-stable gel


  • Sliceable
  • Clear product

Chocolate mousse

  • High foam stability
  • Full-bodied mouthfeel

Milk desserts

  • Creamy to firmly gelled adjustable
  • Improved fat impression, fat reduction possible

Fruit gummies

  • Texture firm and short to long and chewy adjustable
  • Also suitable for acid-free, non-fruity sweets


  • Nice, optimal pore size
  • Fast gelation

Advice on pectins and their applications

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