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H&F Pectin for plastic flow behavior and optimal stability of fruit toppings

Whether they are fruit-based, chocolate or caramel, rippled or attractively drizzled, in an ice pops or a pint, – ice cream sauces are an integral part of ice cream products. The requirements are complex. Our newly developed Pectin Classic CY 702 has special properties enabling it to meet the functional and sensory requirements and improve the quality of the product.

Functional benefits:

  1. Improved stability when stored.
  2. Rapid increase in viscosity at high temperatures.
  3. Prevention of flow and critical growth of ice crystals during storage.
  4. Stability during temperature fluctuations prevents cold flow.
  5. Enables storage stability, even with significant reduction of the freezing point.
  6. Pectin Classic CY 702 does not show any reaction with the surrounding ice cream mass.
  7. It is possible to use sugar alcohols in the recipe to reduce the caloric value without causing any problems.

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