H&F apple and citrus pectin

Pectin can complement or even replace other texturizing ingredients. In addition to their more stable availability, H&F apple and citrus pectin offer functional and sensory benefits.

Pectin complements gelatin with technological advantages

Suitable special pectin complements gelatin in gummy confectionery and provide technological advantages such as better heat stability and faster gelation. If gelatine is completely replaced by pectin, vegan gummy confectionery is possible.

Improve sensory properties – complement starch with pectin

In vegetarian gum confectionery, apple and citrus pectin complement the use of starch and offer sensory advantages over purely starch-based gelation. Energy can be saved by shortening the production process.

Less starch and locust bean gum in fruit preparations

In fruit preparations for yoghurts and ice cream, technically sophisticated apple and citrus pectin have a reinforcing effect on the functionality of starch. The synergism allows a strong reduction of the starch dosage. The use of locust bean gum can be replaced by full-bodied apple pectins.

Natural fruit flavour in soft drinks

In soft drinks, apple or citrus pectin offers a sensory experience closer to the natural fruit flavour than xanthan gum, locust bean gum or guar.

Texture and shine in dairy products

H&F Citrus Pectin is suitable as alternative or supplement to carrageenan or locust bean gum in dairy products such as jellied milk desserts, reduced-fat sour cream products or cream cheese.

Advice on pectins and their applications

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