The challenge of sugar reduction in product development

Gelling, thickening & stabilization with H&F Pectin

Sugar holds an irresistible attraction for our palate and is a versatile foodstuff with many different uses. In food production it substantially influences the mouthfeel, consistency, viscosity, color and aroma of a product. Its conserving properties are a further plus point for the development of food products. In order to balance out all these functions in a reduced sugar product recipe, it is necessary to carefully balance the combination of ingredients.

The popularity of reduced sugar versions is primarily influenced by the sensory qualities of the product. The more similar the mouthfeel and the taste experience is to the classic version, the more popular the product is with consumers. This means that focussing on a balanced combination of ingredients is not only of decisive importance for the sensory aspects but also for the market success of newly developed products with less sugar.

Herbstreith & Fox presents customised solutions for the development of recipes with reduced sugar for use in products such as confectionery and jam. Our experienced specialists work closely with you on new developments or reformulation of existing recipes. The aim: a perfect solution for

  • jams and fruit spreads with less sugar that satisfy the sensory requirements of consumers.
  • fruit gum and jelly products with sugar substitutes that set reliably in the same way as customary sugar products.

Sugar-reduced recipes with H&F Pectin

Through the use of our special pectins, you can develop high-quality products with optimal flavor intensity and texture. Experience how sugar-reduced versions offer an enticing sensory experience that surpasses the expectations of consumers.

Less sugar, but still with irresistible sensory qualities – discover the perfect combination of reduced sugar and gourmet pleasure with H&F Pectins.

Advice on pectins and their applications

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