Bakery goods

H&F Classic and Amid pectins prove how indispensable their properties are when used in baked goods.

Bake stable fruit preparations:
H&F Classic apple pectins demonstrate their strengths in this application and guarantee a high melting temperature and good shape stability during the baking process. This restricts any deformation of the fruit preparation and avoids it boiling away.

Fruit fillings for baked goods:
For industrial processing, a smooth, pumpable and paste-like consistency is essential, as dosing in the production process need to be problem-free. H&F Classic apple pectins ensure that there are no unwanted changes in the gel structure when subjected to mechanical stress, e.g. during filling.

(also called cake glaze) protects the fruit from drying out and gives the cake or pastry a glossy surface. The textural requirements for these products are extremely demanding and can be controlled precisely by using H&F Amid pectins which have been standardised specifically for these applications.