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Jams and other Fruit Preparations

and other Fruit Preparations

The appealing properties of jams, marmalades and jellies produced by the fruit processing industry are to a large degree owing to the benefits of pectin: smooth gel,
low syneresis, glossy surface, good spreadability, regular fruit distribution, clear cut
and natural, fruit specific flavour.

The incomparable textural properties of H&F Classic Apple Pectins enjoy a worldwide reputation. H&F Classic Citrus Pectins, the H&F Amid Pectins and the H&F Combi Pectins are a sensible completion of the product range.

Precise balancing of the individual formulation parameters and precise choice of the right type of H&F Pectin will bring about the desired product features.

With respect to jams which have a sugar content of more than 60 percent and a pH value of about 3.0, high ester H&F Classic or Combi Pectins at a dosage of approx. 0.2 to 0.4 percent are recommended.

On the other hand, low ester H&F Classic and Amid Pectins with an addition of calcium salt are recommended for use in products with a low sugar content.

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