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Pectin is a natural component of the cell wall and the middle lamella of all higher land plants. As it contains beside galacturonic acid also neutral sugars like arabinose and galactose it is a heteropolysaccharide. The linear galacturonan main chain is interrupted by rhamnose. The galacturonic acid molecules can be esterified with methanol resulting in pectins with different degrees of esterification.

The purity criteria of pectins are laid down in international pectin specifications. H&F Pectins are certified halal and kosher.

Our Product Variety is the Answer to the Demands of the Market

Independent of the fact whether our pectins shall be used in the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry the product groups Classic Pectins, Combi Pectins, Amid Pectins and Instant Pectins supply reliable results.

Additional to our familiar pectin types we offer you the opportunity to have "custom-made" pectins developed to your specifications so that your projects will achieve the optimal results with pectins from H&F.

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