H&F apple and citrus pectin with perfect functionality

Pectin is positively anchored in the perception of consumers and product developers as a natural vegan ingredient because it is made mainly out of apples and citrus fruits. It can also be used in many applications that correspond to the health trends in the market. For example, the demand for sugar-reduced or sugar-free confectionery and fruit spreads is rising in line with consumers’ awareness of a health-conscious nutrition. At the same time, the production of such products is sometimes quite challenging. Often, the use of specific pectins paves the way to perfect texture, taste and storage stability. For over 80 years Herbstreith & Fox has offered tailored solutions with its versatile and flexible pectins that perfectly meet these challenges.

Application examples optimized with H&F Pectin

Sugar-reduced fruit applications

We offer optimal solutions for the development of sugar-reduced or sugar-free pectin applications, such as gum confectionery, fruit spreads or fruit preparations for industrial use.

Plant-based alternative to gelatine

H&F Pectins are an excellent plant-based alternative to gelatine in various applications. This means that foods traditionally produced with gelatine can be developed as vegetarian and/or vegan product variants.

Starch-based stabilization & texturization

Make the starch-based stabilization and texturization of your products more flexible and appealing by replacing or supplementing starch with H&F Pectins. This way, you can exploit real synergies in different fruit applications

Confectionery enriched with functional ingredients
Confectionery pectins from Herbstreith & Fox are known for their tolerance to recipe parameters in gum confectionery. Thus, the functionality of these pectins is flexible when faced with difficult ingredients such as acids or minerals.

Texturizers for dairy applications

The use of pectins in dairy products or milk alternatives is very diverse. Here, the functional properties of H&F pectins are the basis for optimal stabilization. Pure in taste and appearance, they support the sensory properties of the products.

Things to know about pectin

What is pectin? How is it produced? How should pectin be declared on the end product? These and other questions are answered in our pectin FAQs.

Advice on pectins and their applications

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